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This week on the Music to Soundtrack Souls Playlist we have 50 Cent Featuring R&B Crooner Jeremih. 

This is classic 50 with Jeremih providing his touch on the track. 

50 holds no punches and gets right to business on this one. Known for his gritty street tales and vivid personality, he rhymes with anger and speaks of his come up in the game while crushing his rivals. This is a record dedicated to the opposition, the doubters and haters. Street tales coming from a mogul from Queens who despite all his success keeps it raw when it comes to his music. 

Jeremih, who is known for his smooth delivery and classic choruses complements 50 perfectly on the song. Between the two, the bravado on the track is at an all time high. This is straight streets.. The content isn't really geared to the ladies, but its definitely a record that can be played in the Club. 

They hit us with lines like:

I got all kinda money now look what you made me, got a different type of temperament a n#%^a get crazy
— 50 Cent
They used to tell me that i wouldn’t be nothing, now lamborghini’s and Porsche’s we Stunting
— Jeremih

If you're a hardcore 50 Cent fan this track is definitely for you. I first heard it on Spotify not knowing it was out and it was a dope surprise considering I'm usually on top of things musically, Especially records like this. It is produced by "Bongo By The Way" and he definitely did his thing on this beat. Salute to all 3 on a dope record. This is Hip Hop all day.... Until next time y'all. Peace. 

You can learn more about 50 Cent here:

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You can learn more about Fabolous here:

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