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This weeks track uploaded to the playlist is none other than A-Boogie Wit da Hoodie. The title of this one is called "Say A". 

I just heard this recently and thought it was definetly worthy of a spot on this list. Boogie hails from the Highbridge section of the Bronx in New York City and is most known for his song "Drowning" that was very big for him. This weeks song is off his album "The Bigger Artist". He has his own "Highbridge Label" along with another partner and has a deal with Atlantic Records. 

This song is dope and has a playful "kiddie" melody and he matches it perfectly with witty wordplay and the changing of his flow/tones. I believe The piano loop is the key to this one right here. Now even though the beat is playful, he does get busy lyrically, and his originality is on point. The track is produced his long time producer "Ness" and will definetly have the club doing their thing. 

Its So dope when you hear the intro and police sirens are going off for some reason to me. Thats when Boogie comes on with the hook:

What the fu#% I’m supposed to say Police pull me over they ain’t got nothing to say I told ‘em i got tints because I’m rich they said ok A!
— A Boogie

I dont think you can go wrong with this one. I think he definetly has a bright future to continue in the game.  I feel like New York City is in a real good space lately considering the south has had a strong hold on the game for a while now as far as records selling. Shout out to A Boogie out there repping the Big Apple. Salute! 

You can learn more about A Boogie Wit da Hoodie here:

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