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Added to the playlist this week is a dope song from a rapper by the name of Kevin Gates who hails from Baton Rouge Louisiana. He recently converted to Islam and is of black and puerto rican decent. Gates released his first album "Islah" in 2016 along with being featured on numerous other mixtapes as well.

At one point he was signed to Lil Waynes Young Money Management, but he currently has his own label and a deal with Atlantic Records. Gates is a talented artist but is often plagued with legal issues which some say hinder his artistry. He is currently serving a 30 month prison sentence for kicking a fan as well as for a previous warrant for a firearm and wont be released until June, 2018. 

This particular song is deep, thought out and well put together. He spits a rapid fire flow and gets deep on this.

Gates has a dedicated following and this song is definitely a favorite. The video for this track is also real dope. 

Fell in love made a new mistake. Baby mama argue asking where was I instead of asking how’d we do today
— Kevin Gates

This one is real and his honesty is brutal telling the female at one point: "you will never love me like my daughter loves me"...

This isn't for the club or "turning up". This is for the struggle and the ones really going through some personal pain in their life. Shout out to Kevin Gates, you killed this one. Hold ya head Fam. 

You can learn more about Kevin Gates here:

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As a Music Curator, I believe I am for the people. Music is an everyday part of life for most. We work with it, explore new tunes and use it in our everyday lives. As a SUPER music lover I want to give you the best vibe for the genre... there may be songs you love and also songs you have yet to hear. This playlist is uncut, holds no punches and does not limit to audience. I hope you find my curated playlist to be an important part of your everyday lives. Let me soundtrack your SOUL....