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This weeks track Added to the Music to Soundtrack Souls Playlist is by “Ball Greezy” (also known as Real Ball Greezy) who hails from Miami Florida. The track is titled “Nice & Slow” and features another Miami rapper named Lil Dred. I heard this track and was immediately taken in by it. It has a soulful laid back feel to it accompanied by the perfect Freddie Jackson sample “Nice and Slow”.

The sample continuously plays throughout the track which i think is a unique element. This song is very big in Florida, and is sure to catch the ear of any music lover. Basically talking to a pretty lady, both MC’s do their thing on this. “Greezy” even croons his own harmony during the song showing his diversity vocally. 

They give us lines like:

Its only right I make sure you good, just relax a little bit baby this my hood.. Shot after shot then we got closer, last I remember we was standing on the sofa, telling me she too drunk to drive back to Boca, grinding on me like she dancing to Soca...
— Ball Greezy
You my baby When im with you girl thats Bae Day,

Everytime we take a trip thats a Bae Cay, we dont never pay attention to the nay say, let the rumors fade away like MJ
— Lil Dred

Make sure you put this track on your playlist people, its a no brainer on this one. Also be sure to check out the video for this. Shout out to both these guys on a dope record. Peace, till next time yall...

You can learn more about Ball Greezy here:

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