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From the home of biggie, this next track on the playlist is from a native Brooklyn New Yorker know as "Reason". This song is entitled "My favorite" and is produced by Roadsart. Roadsart has worked with numerous rap artists on their respective projects (Snoop, Raekwon, Schoolboy q etc.) this particular track is off Reason's latest EP "Reason"//passion n' pain (nobody cares till you win). The song was recorded in jerseys 202 studios and it has a dope feel to it. This track represents that significant other in your life... Anything that is a favorite of yours. It tells a story of no matter how hard it gets, theres that 1 person or thing that holds a place in a persons heart.

The track begins with a soulful sample, drawing you in for more. I would say this is a more mature, classy song with a dab of realness, it is perfect to hear on any radio station and sounds like it would fit into regular programming. 

You looking “Purdy” I think I’m unworthy, to be blessed by Ya, nothing can deter me
— Reason

I suggest you add this to your playlist if you love hip hop and r&b. "My favorite" has class, substance, a soulful grooving beat and vibe that reminds you of getting together with family in the backyard. This is great hip hop and I hope this becomes one of your favorites! PEACE!

You can learn more about Reason here:

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About the Curator - REASON

Sean Machado - Music to Curator

As a Music Curator, I believe I am for the people. Music is an everyday part of life for most. We work with it, explore new tunes and use it in our everyday lives. As a SUPER music lover I want to give you the best vibe for the genre... there may be songs you love and also songs you have yet to hear. This playlist is uncut, holds no punches and does not limit to audience. I hope you find my curated playlist to be an important part of your everyday lives. Let me soundtrack your SOUL....