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Uploaded to the playlist this week is a track by New York City Native N.O.R.E (Noreaga), who is 1/2 of the Rap Duo known as Capone N Noreaga. The track is called "Moments" and it struck me after the first listen. 

The song deals with important "Moments" in his life, and the things that mean the most. Its definitely a street record for the have nots, and those who grow up in inner cities across America. N.O.R.E Has one of those distinct voices in hip hop. His tone and personality have carried him a long way. You can play this song when you want to reminisce on the past.... anything that influenced you is definitely a moment to remember. 

The track is produced by SBK, a producer of N.O.R.E's Thugged Out Militainment Crew, and is a smooth, raw & truthful portrayal of his life. 

N.O.R.E Hails from Lefrak City Queens, and is definitely a staple in the hip hop world. He has also broadened his reach by becoming a podcast host as well on the VERY popular podcast known as "DRINK CHAMPS". It is currently doing very well and his personality definitely brings a freshness to the game. As an artist his perspective is different, unlike other podcast shows/journalists. 

This song is off of his Solo album entitled "DRUNK UNCLE", and the video for it is dope.

when I signed my first deal that was a moment, when I did my first bid that was a moment, every kid that I had that was a moment
— N.O.R.E

This track will definetly take you back to anywhere you wanna be. If you lost a loved one this is a great reminder of the moments you've had with them. God bless, Enjoy. Rest In Peace to my Grandma, Pop Pop & Lisa..... thank you for the moments. 

You can learn more about N.O.R.E here:

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