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Added to the playlist is a throwback entitled "Love Jones" by Doc Ice (also known as Doctor Ice). Doc is an original member of the 80's group UTFO and was known for his killer breakdancing moves as well. 

After UTFO, (Known for their hit "Roxanne Roxanne"), Doc branched off to do his own solo career, and this is my most memorable song from him. 

The track is indeed a remake, originally done by 70's group "The Brighter Side Of Darkness". Doc did his thing on this version of the song and What makes this particular track stand out to me is the fact that unlike most hip hop songs, the words (like the original) aren't rapped but instead spoken. I find this to be a rare occurrence in rap music where the words usually rhyme with steady Timing. This is definitely something different. The title speaks for itself, and is for anyone thinking of their significant other. 

The track was produced by Full Force, a group from the 80's as well,  with numerous songs as well as producing hits for many other artists. Also featured on the track is Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley a songstress of that time with a super strong voice. Riley goes off on her Adlibs and background vocals, a perfect match for Docs smooth subtle tone. The two definitely compliment each other on the record. 

I first was aware of Doc due to the fact that I would see him on holidays with my Aunt Eunice. I was just a child but I remember he was cool. That was my first time seeing a popular/famous person in real life and That definitely inspired me. 

There is a dope video for this song if your lucky enough to find it. 

You see, them other girls tried to play me like Nintendo.... but they didn’t know I’m the toy maker himself
— Doc Ice

This is a classic in my opinion and I'm happy to share to those who never heard this. Everybody got a Love Jones. This is a Great Song.... 

You can learn more about Doc Ice here:

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