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This new track is by a rap artist who has gained tons of popularity over the past year or two. Known as "XXXTENTACION". Although its a short track, I feel its worthy of this playlist.
His unique style is different than most rap artists in the spotlight these days. I would say he mixes hip hop and rock occasionally. The music off this particular album is mostly somber & laid back  dedicated to those dealing with depression. "X" hails from pompano beach florida. Legal issues surround his talent which he expresses in the music. With a huge following im sure he will be around a long time.

His unique style has his shows packed with great performing being one of his attributes. His crowds are large and youthful for the most part. His mind can tend to get deep and he can sometimes be misunderstood. His name is as unique as his persona. XXXTENTACION has definitely gained a cult following. Sometimes judged by his "Unusual appearance" its hard to classify his style. In a time where most new rappers get judged by not having the skill level or writing capabilities of mc's before them, "X" does not give you what they call "Mumble rap". His words are clearly delivered with emotion and well thought out. I would say he is more real than into any gimmicks. Nowadays a lot of mc's tend to share qualities either in their looks or song style, but one look at "X" and hearing his music you will clearly see he has a vision. He prefers to shed light on pain in this song and the rest of his tape called "17"

I been feeling really lost ducking all attachments I don’t really go outside ‘cuz I hate traffic

XXXTENTACION clearly has his own lane in this world of hip hop. Salute to him and his creativity!

You can learn more about XXXTENTACION here:

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