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Added to the playlist this week is "Betrayal" by Memphis Tennessee rapper Yo Gotti. This song is off his album entitled "I Still Am" and is the first track on the album. 

The song tells different tales of being betrayed by the ones closest to you which we all can relate to. 

The song is raw, straight for the streets and is definetly not fake or bubble gum. This is one of his realest songs in my opinion, due to the fact it doesnt deal with the usual spoils of hip hop, (the cash, clothes, money etc..) this is more of a common problem even the poorest person can relate to. You can barely have much and people will still tend to want it or back stab you for it. The track is produced by atlanta native "Southside" who has worked with Gotti before. 

The 808 and piano keys playing in the background on this is crazy dope. 

My own partner tried to betray me, i thought you’d be the one to save me, you played yourself when you played me
— Yo Gotti

Anybody can play this song because people will try to play you and it can happen at any given moment so this song is forever relevant. I mean even as i write this review there are some close ones that tried to play me, but what can we do? Its a part of life. My only advice is try your best to keep your heart pure, even though most wont match your loyalty. Shout out to Yo Gotti and his CMG Crew. Dope record here... 

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