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Miami's own Rick Ross definitely did his thing on this dope track which features the one and only Raphael Saadiq of R&B trio Tony Toni Toné on the hook. 

Ross takes you through a journey of ghetto life providing glimpses into a world of never having enough. Hearing this you can feel the struggle as well as promise to do better in this type of environment. A perfect blend of a strong rap voice and melody, this is definitely a timeless piece of music. It sets the tone of ricks album "Rather you than me" being the first track on the project. 

I never fold no I never ran, on my soul I’ll roll like an avalanche. I thank the lord I got some great friends, thats why every bottle I open I say amen 🙏  
— Rick Ross

I consider that to be a stand out line. Ross really goes in on this song. There are definitely parts not for timid ears sprinkled throughout  the song, but I would say the wisdom overshadows any negatives. The beat was produced by "Major nine" out of florida. If you are a rick ross fan who is known for his lyrics and memorable voice, I recommend you do your homework on this one. Something this soulful never dies and ross is fully aware of this. He raps effortlessly and Raphael Saadiq was a perfect fit for the track. Rick ross definitely know what he's doing in this music game.  

I hope you enjoy this song from Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. 

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