Richard Houghten is a guitar teacher, multi instrumentalist, sound engineer, audio collage artist and a creator of hybrid electronic and acoustic music, I’ve been listening to many of his new releases over the last 12 months culminating in his wonderful new LP ‘Music for Drifters’. Richard explains how it was made “I recorded the whole album over the last 2 years in my home using recorded sounds and noises from my environment and layering guitars, synths, and whatever I could find to make a beat! I was heavily influenced by Brazilian and Latin rhythms and had the pleasure of traveling to São Paulo Brazil and soaking in all the beauty that was around me there.”

His passions don’t stop there he even creates his own vinyl records and I don’t mean he releases a few occasional tracks on vinyl as is the trend at the moment, he actually creates the record on his personal lathe, read more about it here.

This track is now in our archived playlist but you can still listen here check out the latest music added to the playlist below.

You can learn more about Richard Houghten here 🔻

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