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RC Williams has traveled the world with an impressive list of musicians, from Erykah Badu to Snoop, from Roy Hargrove to Mos Def and with his band the Gritz, best known as Erykah Badu’s backing band and after their second album ‘The Feel’ in 2016, they return with another strong album ‘Analog World’ which again is a mixture of Jazz, P Funk, Soul and hip hop, now streaming on our new list is the most soulful track on the LP - Hot Pearl C.  

This track is now in our archived playlist but you can still listen here check out the latest music added to the playlist above

You can learn more about RC & The Gritz here:

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When did the blues become indigo is a reference made by a music journalist I read some years ago, it’s meaning is about how one genre of music mutates into another, we continually search to discover new shades to add to that spectrum and tell the story of how the blues transformed into today’s dance music.

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