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Muito Kaballa is a multi-instrumentalist from Cologne, Germany and the latest signing to Switchstance Recordings. By playing all instruments himself (drums, bongo, bass, guitar, keys, flute, sax and trumpet) and layering them with a loop station, Muito Kaballa creates an infectious groove that blends afrobeat, funk, latin rhythms, jazz and world music.

Built on the back of improvisation, Kaballa’s music employs an on-the-pulse approach in style, where, for every measured arrangement, there is the sense of using every rudiment skill on hand. Essentially a one-man band, Kaballa is as adroit with the various live instruments he plays as he is with the electronic sequencers he uses to loop his grooves. He ensures there are surprises at every turn and his experience playing to crowds on the hustling and bustling streets of Cologne has taught him such ingenuity.

In his music Muito Kaballa pushes the boundaries between different genres but somehow always returns to that groovy Funk and Afrobeat vibe that feels like home to him. At turns elegant and rough-hewn, Muito's debut album "Everything Is Broke" was released on Switchstance Recordings on May 10th and comprises eight ventures into a textured and multifarious pop that is very much rooted in the street culture it was born from, we feature the track ‘Palim’ loving the groove on this one but we could have gone for any of the eight tracks.

This track may now be in our archived playlist but you can still listen here and also check out the latest music added to the playlist above.

You can learn more about Muito Kaballa here:

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