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Imperial is back on Shake a Hoof, bringing long time collaborators K.I.N.E.T.I.K, Oddisee and Soulseize along for the ride on new single Travel The Map, it’ll make you wanna start packing that suitcase and visit some of the places the rappers namecheck as usual solid interesting beats from Imperial and some great rhyming skills on show and chock full of humour, something sadly lacking in most of today’s Rap, check out the track on our new Rap playlist below.

Back in August we received our first track from an artist submission direct to Music to, from the LP ‘Layers’ just released this month and worth checking out as name suggests, Imperial strips down the traditional Hip Hop sound and then adds layer upon layer to create more than just some hot sauce but a full on Michelin star album.

Imperial and Illect Recordings have a new summer jam Hot Sauce, Imperial shares "I've always loved the sound of live hip hop, whether it's artists who perform with a live band for their show or record studio albums with a band. Hot Sauce takes inspiration from that live hip hop sound and couples it with jazz infused rhythms. The sun is shining, the beat is chilled, grab a beer and enjoy." 

We caught up with Imperial for a chat.

So tell us how many versions of hot sauce did you have to cook up before you got that ‘just right’ taste.

Hot Sauce was more or less straight out of the pan, with a bit of seasoning along the way. Most of my beats start with a main section (8 bar loop for example) I build this up until it feels right and full. At this stage I then create other sections of the beat and arrange it. Next is removing elements to refine and clear out the unnecessary juices. Get the basic flavours working together but don't over season... There's nothing worse than an over salty dish.

Do you feel that you got the just the right heat with the track or are you considering some remixes to give it  some extra spice.

Interesting idea. I haven't considered remixes until you mentioned it. I think this may stay as a one off but It's be open to some wild remixes. I think a DnB remix could work well!

The new LP that the track is released from is called Layers, presuming the ‘Hot sauce’ was made first was the rest of the album put together like a good chilli, with a planned recipe and methodically following that plan or like my attempts and just throwing everything in a pot and see what happens.

Bit of both. When I'd cooked enough savoury dishes it was time to move onto the sides and deserts. Then for promotion of the album I created a few cheeky aperitifs... otherwise known as videos. It was partly methodical, partly what I was consuming at the time. The album is basically my stomach contents regurgitated for everyone else to feast on... 

Hot Sauce is now in our archived playlist but you can still listen here and check out the latest music added to our playlist above, for more Boom Bap 90’s vibe Hip Hop from the last 12 months check our our new Rap playlist below

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