At last we have the first track submission that has come direct to musicto shake a hoof that actually makes it onto one of our new playlists, It comes from Dan Fresher he thrives in the deep ends of Easton, Bristol and is completely about collaboration and storytelling. Drumming/singing for bands Saint Loe & Delight a Thief and building up a repertoire of musical experience through both, Fresher has come to Bristol to find his feet as an up and coming rapper, this track comes from his debut EP ‘God, Monty & 'the Man' released last month, as he says himself it’s a “entailing genre bending beats and majestically woven lyricism, it's an enticing yet anti-commercial mixtape for fuckin' all the family”.

Well maybe not quite all the family, but the track ‘Feel Free’ is full of positive rhymes, a fresh beat and has got a line, I doubt you will ever hear on another Rap record “If I want a fucking strawberry daiquiri, I’ll have one doesn’t make you any less of a man, do you like gin and tonic I fucking do” Well yeah I couldn’t agree more, I’m also now partial to a little tipple of that Dan Fresher sound.

This track may now be in our archived playlist but you can still listen here check out the latest music added to the playlist below.

You can learn more about Dan Fresher 🔻

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