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Nice submission recently sent to me from a singer songwriter based out of Athens Georgia, it’s a collaboration with Atlanta singer/rapper Lowkey Luke laying down the vocals, we added it straight into our new pop/alternative/indie list for tracks that still have that soulful vibe but with more of a pop R&B or rock influenced sound, this week with a full overhaul of our main shake a hoof playlist we have a complete takeover of all 50 tracks, all new or at least released in the last 12 months.

I caught up with Charlie for a chat about the track and how he finds life as an independent artist.

Hi Charlie, I played the track to my 13 year old daughter, she really loved it and then knowing I was about to do this interview asked her, if she could ask you any questions what would they be, so you can tell Ruby,

What is the track about and which artists do you take inspiration from.

Chained Melody is basically about how love can go wrong and leave you attached or “Chained” to someone who doesn’t love you back. No matter what you do you can’t break the love you have for them. I went through a similar experience and lived to tell the tale, but that’s where I got the idea. I got the vibe and feel from modern pop music and Rnb like Frank Ocean and Charlie Puth, but also from soul singers of old like Sam Cooke and Ray Charles.

 Is this the first song you’ve written and what can we expect in the future, an EP or album.

This is the first song I’ve ever released. I have an EP coming out in mid July with the same singer, and chained melody is in it. It will further expand on the topic of love lost, and will tell the story of a broken relationship in it’s entirety, so all the songs connect. 

On to a few questions from me now, do you think an album is necessary in the streaming age, when many listeners just like to create playlists of their favourite music.

I feel like in today’s market, albums and eps such as this are fading out in favor of singles, but I wanna bring that kind of thing back. I’m really excited to get it out there.

But basically this EP is kind of like my calling card, because my passion is really songwriting. I produced and wrote everything but in the future I’d like to have more help behind me, get the best of the best at my disposal so I can get great music out there into the world.

You promote yourself as a songwriter as well as performer, in today’s pop music collaborations are obviously very popular, so who would you dream collab be with?

My dream collab would probably be frank ocean, I just really connect with his music and writing style and I think I could learn a lot from him.

What struggles do you find as an independent artist, would you like to be signed to a label or is independence a good thing in the current music industry.

The hardest part about all of this is promoting my music and getting it out there. Obviously being signed to a label would make it easier but I like the independence I have now. Once i get signed I’ll tell you which one I like better !

 How much has the rise of social media and its use to promote artists changed how you work as an artist, is it something you focus on or do you just get on with the writing.

Honestly social media is a double edged sword. I’ve never been much for it, but now that I need it to promote my music, it’s just a struggle to balance writing and promoting. It’s a necessity, but you also can’t put it ahead of your music, or all you will be promoting is mediocre stuff.

 Is streaming where you see your market or maybe Soundcloud until you establish yourself, what do you focus on and do you still feel it is worthwhile aiming at the download market.

Streaming is definitely the future. Physical sales are way down, and honestly I don’t really know anyone that actually buys music anymore. It’s all on Spotify and Apple Music, and that’s where I plan to stay for the time being. SoundCloud not so much, just because I feel like it’s more hip hop oriented, and the opportunity for profit is just not there like it is on other platforms.

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