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Last year Casbah 73 gave us a tribute the the heyday of 70’s disco with the briliant ‘Love Saves The Day’ (it was by far my favourite track of the year) that quote referenced the legendary loft parties by David Mancuso, some say the birthplace of modern dance culture.

Continuing the theme with new release ‘To Be Free’ influences of the birthplace of disco, the philly soul sound, all strings, piano solos, funky bass and a sublime lead vocal from Angie Gooden.

On the second track ‘Doing Our Own Thing’ moving forward in time, only a bit mind to early 80s UK jazz funk, the sound of Atmosfear and Light of the World with nine minutes of percussion led, horn filled pure joy.

Oli Stewart who is Casbah 73 has assembled a very talented bunch of musicians on both tracks recording live in the studio, all through the nineties, revered digger/vinyl dealer Oli Stewart aka Casbah 73 trawled across America leaving no warehouse standing in his quest for the rare and the downright elusive. His knack for discovering, or bringing to light many an unknown classic, meant his reputation with DJs and producers around the globe.

You can learn more about Casbah 73 here:

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When did the blues become indigo is a reference made by a music journalist I read some years ago, it’s meaning is about how one genre of music mutates into another, we continually search to discover new shades to add to that spectrum and tell the story of how the blues transformed into today’s dance music.

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