Bosq has been giving us his own brand of Afrobeat and Funk for a good few years, but on his latest release he expertly covers The Fatback Band also features ex Fela & Egypt 80 band member Kaleta on vocals and guitar, as well as full horn section, lots of live percussion, check it out on our new Jazz playlist below.

Earlier in the year Colombian whisky baron Bosq hooked up with Los Angeles based Evan Laflamme with something brand new, well it was on it’s release back in 2018 on a vinly only release on french label Starwax, uploaded onto Spotify at the start of the year with an extra ‘Dance Dub’ remix which is the one we now feature on our archive playlist. We were a massive fan of Bosq’s LP last year ‘Love and Resistance’ full of afro jazzy beats and soulful vocals and multiple guest appearances including vocals from shake a hoof favourite Nicole Willis.

You can learn more about Bosq and Evan Laflamme here 🔻

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When did the blues become indigo is a reference made by a music journalist I read some years ago, it’s meaning is about how one genre of music mutates into another, we continually search to discover new shades to add to that spectrum and tell the story of how the blues transformed into today’s music, follow us below and go here to submit your own music to appear on our playlists.

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