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Since bursting on to the scene and into the public’s consciousness a couple of years ago with her debut album ‘Skyline’, Izo FitzRoy has gone from strength to strength. Her gospel and soul drenched compositions coupled with a powerhouse vocal delivery and an ear for a melody made her an instant favourite with fans, critics and contemporaries alike.

After a tireless touring schedule and some killer feature collaborations she’s back with some new original material and she’s enlisted the help of the one and only disco don – Dimitri From Paris...

Dimitri of course needs no introduction to the Disco and House heads, and comes correct off the back of recent projects remixing the Chic catalogue and running his own ‘Le-Edits’ label. He teams up once again with his dream house band - fellow high-flying Parisian jazz/funk crew Cotonete who provide the ‘magic’ backdrop for Izo’s stellar vocal performance.

The track sees Izo wishing for a change in her relationship, longing for yesterday and the feelings of excitement and wonder that a child gets to experience so frequently. Between her towering vocal performances, Cotonete’s classy groove work and Dimitri’s deft studio touches it’s the perfect disco storm.

World-renowned electronic tastemaker magazine MIXMAG have already dubbed it their disco ‘Tune of the Month’, Blues & Soul rated it “10/10” and the DJs are already lining up around the corner to get their hands on the 12” vinyl due for official release on Friday.

With a rare combination of powerful vocals, honest song writing and dynamic live performances, Izo FitzRoy's music is a unique and captivating blend of soul, gospel and blues.

How it took me so long to get round to posting a feature on Izo yet is beyond me, loved pretty much every track from the LP ‘Skyline’ released in 2017 and Izo is the go to guest vocalist on every Jalapeno artist, as she gives each artist the Gospel according to Izo FitzRoy on the playlist we feature ‘Say Something’ the choir is led by the good Dr ‘Simon Ward’ better known as Dr Rubberfunk, originally recorded in 2016, the stand out track from her debut LP ‘Skyline’ in 2017 and now in 2018 ‘Smoove’ blows the church roof off with a heavenly synth Disco remix, also on Smoove and Turrell’s with ‘You’re Gone’ a delightful duet with John Turrell, bringing some soul to The Allergies last LP with ‘Lets Drive’ and feeling ‘A Little Blazhay’ with Dr Rubberfunk, most recently with one of the tracks of the year so far ‘Some Day’ with Flevans.

Some of the tracks are now in our archived list but you can still listen here and check out the latest music added to our playlist above.

Gospel has been such a big part of Izo’s life, aged 19 she started a Gospel choir and when touring took her to New Orleans, she immersed herself in the Gospel and Blues culture of the City, it was with that inspiration that she wrote ‘Skyline’

The latest single ‘Slim Pickings’ is akin to the sounds of the late 70’s. Somewhere between disco, upbeat, soul and funk with a killer groove and some tight production courtesy of Shawn Lee (Ubiquity Records, BBE). It sees Izo lamenting the lack of a significant other worth her time and reflecting on how she came about her situation. With a big bass hook that will lock you in and the always-on-point Ms. FitzRoy leading proceedings on keys and vocals, it’s a catchy-as-you-like monster of a tune. And if you like the sound of that then keep those ears peeled as there’s an album coming this year primarily rooted in gospel, but expect disco and vintage soul, the record will deal with themes of heartbreak and loss so Izo told us that “Slim Pickings was written as a little light relief against a backdrop of sorrow”.

Tracks featured are now in our archived playlist but you can still listen here and check out the latest music added to our playlist above,

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