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And so here we are - we've come to the end of our little experiment in playlist swapping and you know what?  I've bloody loved it!  I hope you haven't been too freaked out by the slightly different flavor brought to the list.  Who knows - maybe at some point in the future Matt'll let me come back.

So - in order to get you back into the mood for The Return Of The Curator - I'm bringing things a little closer to where you might live.  You see - I'm a complete bloody omnivore when it comes to music - I really listen to anything and so long as it has that special "something" - it goes on one of my many playlists - I always thought I might bring this track back out for this list.

Readers over the last month will be familiar with my own existential angst - while I'm a fan of the superhero trope - it's been my experience in life that no-one saves you but yourself.  Having said that - there are tools you can use to help you on your way.

Himalaya's grounding clarity and optimism can set you on the right path, Selecting the right song can actually save your life, certain tracks can warn you of impending disaster, and of course the right track can help you deal with your own existential angst.  

So here's the final "tool" I'm going to give you before I leave - I apologize in advance if it doesn't work for you, 'cos it's my tool - but I'm going to explain how you can make your own.  You see - I love this track - it makes me smile - it makes me happy - it kicks off chemical reactions in my body and endorphins spread out and make me feel good.  I love the groove, the construction, the moving bass line that builds the tension into the track - I love how he builds the different synth parts and introduces drop after drop and all the way I'm just grinning and moving and dancing and...

Music can save the world - I believe that with all my heart, but there isn't "one track" one type - what works for one person may not work for another - and that's OK.  We live in amazing times - we live in a time where there is more music in the world than ever before - the ease in which artists can create and distribute is unparalleled.  And while there are challenges around this - for you - the listener - the consumer of music - this is just bloody awesome.

It means there's any number of tracks that are going to work for you - could be this one - could be any of the earlier tracks on this amazing Music to Save The World playlist - but I promise - if you start looking and listening you're going to find music that will indeed rock your world - that you can fall in love with, play over and over again, that when you're down you can use to bring you up - when you want energy - music - when you want to think - music - when you want to make love - music...

Music to Save The World.




Overcome Your Own Obstacles: Himalaya by Ellipsis

The Music to Save The World playlist is sponsored this month by Himalaya from Ellipsis.

The journey begins; fresh Chillstep from Ellipsis to help you conquer your own mountain. Stream it now:

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