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*Villains Beware: the following content is not suitable for those of a malevolent disposition*

This song truly delivers on the title. Like a jumper cable to the nipples of your soul, it'll boost you through the most troubling parts of your adventure and see you on your way to Victory! From the chipmunked lead vocal to the intensity of the drop, the song injects groove and vibe from start to finish. If there were ever to be a soundtrack to being on top of the world, this would surely be it. As the song says, 'I just can't get enough', and I guarantee once you give this a spin, you won't either!

I only discovered Sagan a short while ago, but I have to say I've been addicted to his tracks ever since. As producers the first thing we wanna do after hearing a fire track is try and emulate it for ourselves, break it down into it's core pieces and figure out what it is about it that makes it worm into our brain and stay there. Sagan is one producer I just can't reverse engineer, and for this reason his tracks will remain enigmatic to me and therefore, awesome 

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About the curator - Matt Jenko

Matt Jenko - Music to Curator

Matt Jenko is a university postgraduate and music producer with an unhealthy obsession with Rick & Morty and all things Game of Thrones. When he’s not in the studio (a rare occurrence these days), he’s fueling his passion for music either on the net or out in the real world. He likes being out in the nature (in the least strenuous capacity though, let’s be real here) and chilling with his cat, and he’s also pretty proud of his mammoth collection of books that he’s never read.

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