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Taking some time away from my list, and reading the things that Andrew was writing for Save the World, has put it back into perspective for me what this is all about for me. I started out with the idea that this list would be about the everyday struggles that come from being a human, and providing a soundtrack to those struggles to help you overcome them. The list began as 'Music to Save the World to', with emphasis there on the 'to'; it was music to listen to whilst you went about being a hero in your own personal world, as opposed to music aimed at fixing the ills of society in general.

Over time we've moved more into the realm of the heroic as we explored the superhero imagery and all the tropes associated with it, but Andrew's time running the list has inspired me to reconnect with the original inspiration behind this list. 

With that, I give you the first track from August 2018: 'Body'.

I don't discover a lot of my favourite songs on the radio. The ones that do get played on the radio, because of the nature of my job as a curator, I've already heard before. Somehow, 'Body' slipped the net. I'd just assumed that this was a brand new track and it was getting mass exposure because it was just so brilliant, but it turns out it's been around almost as long as I've been producing as Ellipsis (ie., since last Autumn [fall for all you 'Muricans]). It was great to hear it getting ridiculous airplay and chart placement so long after it's release because that says to me that this is a song that really resonates with people, has worked it's way up the pecking order and is where it is today because it quite simply deserves to be.

It's not hard to see why. Not only is an incredibly catchy house track (of which you will be hearing many more from this list over the coming weeks), but lyrically it describes a situation we've all been in: when someone you're crushing on seems to be showing an interest only to back it off just at that critical point where something is about to happen, despite the fact that they've perhaps been a little less discriminate in their flirtatious dealings with other members of your social group (note: I had a look at what crew love means, and yeah, that's exactly what's happening in this song). It's a frustrating and often difficult situation to have to deal with, especially if the person in question has been strongly suggesting that they share a common interest with you, which makes this a perfect track to Save the World to - knowing your situation isn't unique to you and that you aren't alone in feeling the way you feel is vital for overcoming a tough ordeal and making it through the other side - to Victory!

It felt right to return to my roots with a house track: house was were we started and will always remain at the core of this list. 

It's good to be back!

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