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Music to Save A Lost Soul
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This post will attempt to bend your mind in ways you may not have experienced previously, or maybe you have and forgotten. Soulmates… they are real. That’s the first part. Trust and read on.

Soulmates are not always significant others or spouses, nor are you only restricted to having only one. Think about that for a minute. (More than one soulmate?! The movie industry and Hallmark have got it all wrong?!) There are people in your life that you may connect with on a level unlike anyone else, aside from your significant other… a family member, a best friend, a teacher, co-worker, a stranger at the bar, or even a musician that you’ve never actually met (ahem… Chris Cornell) and you may feel that it’s sometimes unexplainable. Trust and read on.   

Whether you believe in the Big Bang Theory, or the Garden of Eden, the idea is that we all came from a singular place.  We all started somewhere as ONE. Over thousands of years, we’ve all broken off as a piece of that one, lived our lives separately, but when we open ourselves up to another human being, by talking to them or listening to their music, we open up the possibility of reconnection, fixing that which has been broken. When you recognize that a piece of another person’s spirit is just like yours, that’s because IT IS a part of your spirit, and it always has been. You are me, and as KT Tunstall says,

You know there’s no need to hide away, you know I tell the truth.  We are just the same. I can feel everything you do, hear everything you say, even when you’re miles away. ‘Cause I am me, the universe and you.
— KT Tunstall

Lost souls, even when you’re hurting, especially when you’re hurting, don’t forget that there’s a whole world of souls waiting to reconnect and heal that which has been broken. “Universe & U” is a transformative song that will help you along.  Trust and listen on.

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Named after Belinda Carlisle, solo artist and lead singer for The Go-Gos, making music has always been second nature to Belinda M. Growing up in a household that was largely influenced by Filipino culture, it was impossible for her to avoid belting out a few tunes into a karaoke mic at an early age. After her parents discovered she could play piano by ear at age 4, lessons promptly began.  She later started writing poetry and playing guitar, which eventually lead to her becoming a singer/songwriter.  

For Belinda, writing and listening to music has always been an essential creative outlet and place of solace. She released her debut EP, “I’m Not Broken” in October 2016, and continues to write and release new music. Her lyrics have been recognized by “American Songwriter Magazine” and her music is featured on the award-winning “Women Of Substance Radio and Podcast.” Check out Belinda’s music and learn more at