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Music to Save a Lost Soul is thrilled to add Bond Villain to the playlist this week.  “Let Me Go” was submitted via our landing page and it was a sonic delight that felt like finding buried treasure!  This tune is reminiscent of the mellow style from Panic! At the Disco’s “Death of a Bachelor” album, and some of the a capella operatic stylings of Queen and Freddie Mercury… definitely made for this list.  Bond Villain describes his song:

We've all been there - coming home, either to a person or a place, and realizing that you no longer belong there. Let Me Go is a song that represents many emotions at once - love and loss, lament and celebration. It tells the story of a person who returns after years apart from their home and their love only to find that they have changed, and the person and place they left behind has stayed the same.

While this process is sad and heartbreaking, the protagonist realizes that there is an opportunity to celebrate - celebrate the life that they once had, and celebrate the person they have become. In the end, though people inevitably change, with strength we can be proud of our paths and inspire others to challenge themselves.

Check out Bond Villain’s self-titled EP on Spotify, it’s certainly a soulful one!  And if you’re looking for more buried treasure, give a listen to “Dying Star”.

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Named after Belinda Carlisle, solo artist and lead singer for The Go-Gos, making music has always been second nature to Belinda M. Growing up in a household that was largely influenced by Filipino culture, it was impossible for her to avoid belting out a few tunes into a karaoke mic at an early age. After her parents discovered she could play piano by ear at age 4, lessons promptly began.  She later started writing poetry and playing guitar, which eventually lead to her becoming a singer/songwriter.  

For Belinda, writing and listening to music has always been an essential creative outlet and place of solace. She released her debut EP, “I’m Not Broken” in October 2016, and continues to write and release new music. Her lyrics have been recognized by “American Songwriter Magazine” and her music is featured on the award-winning “Women Of Substance Radio and Podcast.” Check out Belinda’s music and learn more at