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This week’s track is a fun one submitted by Lesley Capul, a fan of the band!

I’d love to share what she had to say about the song because I think she’s really dropped some wisdom here:

“As a person just starting out in their 20's and currently in college at the time of writing this, I'm coming to a point in my life where our choices in life really make an impact on the future. People say that college is a time of exploration, discovery, and self-growth, but in that process, we may stumble and make mistakes. And honestly, that's okay. "Weak" focuses on that. It doesn't just talk about the temptations in life, but an acceptance about giving into them, even when you know you shouldn't. I'd even go as far to say that it embraces that struggle. And I believe everyone's been through (or will go through) that.”

Conflicting emotions and inner-struggles – if that isn’t a big recurring theme in your 20s, then shoot, I don’t know what is. But at the same time, I think a big reason why this song is such a hit is because it really is applicable to everyone. We all have our vices and know our own skeletons in the closet… we’re all weak, we can’t possibly make the right decision every single time, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I admire people who are transparent. They’re honest with themselves and with others about where they’re at. None of that is easy. Transparency asks that you sit with and fully embrace all your emotions before you try to “fix” them or even begin to understand them. This song is as transparent and raw as it gets. I’m definitely here for it. It’s such a good reminder that making mistakes and screwing up is an inevitable part of life. So we might as well embrace them and have the confidence that we’ll learn from them…even if it takes making the same mistake over and over again.

Thanks for sharing, Lesley! I hope you continue to push yourself to explore, discover, and grow throughout your time in college just like you mentioned. If not now, then when?

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