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Rewind about an hour and a half before I’m writing this post. The Majestic Ventura Theater is packed with people all screaming choruses of “Encore!” and “One more song!” This goes on for a minute or two. I turn to my friend Makenna, starting to get worried that they wouldn’t show. Then I watch her face break into the biggest smile. The stage is suddenly flashing a rainbow of colors, the “OW” sign is brightly lit again. Oh Wonder is running back on stage and the band is playing the beginning instrumental of “Ultralife.”

Monday nights definitely aren’t the most conventional time to go to a concert. Especially if, like me, you don’t get the pleasure of summer vacation just yet. You may have heard this before, but no one looks back and remembers the nights when they had plenty of sleep. That’s what I told myself when I clicked “purchase” for the Oh Wonder tickets less than a week ago. (Sidenote: I also didn’t know I’d have a Spanish exam early the following day. But, if I’m being honest, that wouldn’t have made much of a difference anyway.)

This is my personalized version of living Ultralife. Out of many things, it entails singing along not caring if you’re incredibly off-key. It’s dancing and jumping to the music like no else is watching. It’s feeling the bass shake your bones and letting the music take you away. Away from the ordinary. You are so full of life that you don’t need to subscribe to whatever is conventional. You are chasing your joy because you know that’s one of the very few things that will truly elevate you. (Even if it doesn’t do much to elevate your grade in Spanish.)

The point is this. Turn down whatever voice inside your head that is stopping you from living your Ultralife. Find whatever it is that makes you feel alive – whether they be seemingly tiny things or daring dreams.

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About The Curator - Jordan Yutan

Jordan Yutan   - Music to Curator

Jordan finds joy in simple things like brunch, naps on the grass, and long car rides with the music on high. Her version of fun consists of dance parties, movie marathons and – of course – karaoke. Music has been such a key part in shaping her spirituality. She believes the first time she felt God reaching out to her was through a song and that still happens time and time again. She sees music as a vessel to vulnerability and will gladly invite anyone to listen, but especially wants to hear the songs in their own hearts. She dreams of visiting cafés all across the world, and meeting all kinds of people over a cup of coffee. But for now, she’s making the most out of college, soaking up the sun in her beautiful campus of UC Santa Barbara.