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To keep the summer spirit alive, “Old Pine” by Ben Howard is this week’s track. It is probably one of the most calming songs I’ve ever heard, with a guitar instrumental and vocals at the intro perfect for putting you in a state of reflection. It draws on a kind of nostalgia specific to summer, because that tends to be the season where you feel most careless, free, and alive. 

Though much of summer is often jam packed and high energy, this is a song that also helps us to appreciate the slower moments where nothing is needed to be tended to and our only concern is to enjoy the company of one another and appreciate whatever joys the day has to offer us. 

This is a song about capturing the perfect summer moment and holding onto every small detail. After all, our memories are some the best things we ever get to have. 

So what are the memories of summer warmth and goodness you’re going to look back and remember? 

 Maybe it includes basking in the sun and swimming in clear waters or surrounded by tall, shady trees and the crackling sound of the’s always whatever rings true inside your bones.

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About The Curator - Jordan Yutan

Jordan Yutan   - Music to Curator

Jordan finds joy in simple things like brunch, naps on the grass, and long car rides with the music on high. Her version of fun consists of dance parties, movie marathons and – of course – karaoke. Music has been such a key part in shaping her spirituality. She believes the first time she felt God reaching out to her was through a song and that still happens time and time again. She sees music as a vessel to vulnerability and will gladly invite anyone to listen, but especially wants to hear the songs in their own hearts. She dreams of visiting cafés all across the world, and meeting all kinds of people over a cup of coffee. But for now, she’s making the most out of college, soaking up the sun in her beautiful campus of UC Santa Barbara.