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We’re celebrating a full swing of summer this week with a fan submission, which happens to also be one of my all-time favorite songs.

Thanks, Makenna for submitting! Here’s what she has to say about it:

“A kaleidoscope of summer memories, days gone by and those yet to come. It brings you back to the rhythm of simplicity and the warmth of unity. One love, many memories, and ‘dancing in the moonlight.’”

I’m a huge advocate for a night of dancing anytime anywhere, impromptu or well-planned out. I truly believe there is power when we allow ourselves to be care-free and silly together. It can definitely be a supernatural feeling when you look around and see people fully enjoying themselves and grooving to the same music. Eyes sparkling like the stars, the moon illuminating our swaying bodies, seizing the night and making it ours.

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About The Curator - Jordan Yutan

Jordan Yutan   - Music to Curator

Jordan finds joy in simple things like brunch, naps on the grass, and long car rides with the music on high. Her version of fun consists of dance parties, movie marathons and – of course – karaoke. Music has been such a key part in shaping her spirituality. She believes the first time she felt God reaching out to her was through a song and that still happens time and time again. She sees music as a vessel to vulnerability and will gladly invite anyone to listen, but especially wants to hear the songs in their own hearts. She dreams of visiting cafés all across the world, and meeting all kinds of people over a cup of coffee. But for now, she’s making the most out of college, soaking up the sun in her beautiful campus of UC Santa Barbara.