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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Langhorne Slim reveals that his track "Changes" is about, "the beauty and terror of having breakthroughs and transformations in life, only to discover that there are infinite amounts of both. The pursuit of the groove must be groovy." 

I listen to this track and it's subtle, but I hear a familiar internal monologue I've had time and time again with myself in the midst of changes and transitions, the commas and semi-colons in my life. 

The song isn't about how to best deal with change because I don't think there's ever one right answer. We all experience this, along with our breakthroughs and transformations in vastly different ways. Sometimes they happen slowly, maybe even naturally like metamorphosis; other times they occur to us suddenly and all at once, like getting caught in a tropical rain storm. 

There's never any specification of what kind of change is being discussed in this song, which of course, I appreciate because it becomes all the more universal. Also worth mentioning is this sense of confidently moving forward, even with all the uncertainty that lies in the horizon. 

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