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This weeks pick to question existence comes from the London based, three piece “The Infinite Three” and with a name like that, they’re a match made in space for the playlist.

The Infinite Three formed in late 2009 by Daniel Knowler and Robert Allen after the demise of their previous group Leisur Hive, with bassist Sam McLaughlin joining a few months later. Allen was replaced by former GOD drummer Paul Middleton in 2012 who had previously worked with Daniel as part of the live Cindytalk line up.


Now for the tune. From their newest EP “Foam” (April 27, 2018) comes the droned out, shove it down your throat, noise-rock jammer “World in Your Mouth”. The song immediately pleased my senses. A punchy, gritty, distorted bass that dances in step, with the at times gently placed, verbed guitar track. I’m not sure what the sound source actually is, but there’s this “what sounds like to me”, over-dubbed block-knock I just love. It, as well as many other mostly subtle over-dubs/effects make the song interesting to listen to time and time again, each time catching something you didn’t hear on previous listens. I think my favorite part of the whole song (all of which I love) is right around the five-minute mark of the seven-minute, thirty second journey, it starts to swell into a whirling wave of killer bees and ending with a bouncing string sound that reminds me of the beginning of the song “Prison Sex” by Tool. 

As usual, I leave you with the lyrics. What the song means is up you.

these feelers

these tiny arms bring the clouds

rains impulse

to eat the world in your mouth  

control it

when it seems to need more than tongues

more fingers in the clearing,

waiting out

my helpers

you grope the sun you grope the clouds

you reach for machinery to block it out

more healing

less entropy when you’re around


hide our piles of clay in the town

drool like a snake

and chew the clay

drool like a snake

and chew the hay

complete the day

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