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Murder by Death – Sounds like a metal band, right?... wrong. While this 5-piece folk-rock clan may ride parallel universe tracks when it comes to the dark themes of Metal music, when it comes to the instrumentation, vibe and composition, they’re on the polar end of the cosmos.

Head noisemaker Adam Turla’s ability to convey alluring tales that ever so charmingly intertwine with his ghost-townesque guitar tone is a pleasure for your inner ear to devour. That combined with the ever-haunting vibrations looming from Sarah Balliet cello create a not to be forgotten sound.

“White Noise” is an apocalyptic tale of planetary chaos, destruction of humanity, then questions what transpires in the aftermath of such an event.

The oceans'll seethe
And have no reprieve
For the weak
And the damned
The creatures of the sea
Will make homes
Of the bones
That drift endlessly

The mountains sink into the earth
And amidst the crumbling dirt
The stragglers clutch their young
As if there's something to be done

Will they record
The descending of the hoarde
With a black box that contains
The echoes, the shouts, the strains
Of the last

Or will it be just
Just this
White noise, white light in the deep

I highly recommend checking out this paper cut-out / animated, stop motion video for White Noise with the link below.

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About The Curator - Jesse Albrecht

A lover of “dark” art. Graphic artist by day, musician at heart. Co-founder, Front-man, guitarist for the Alternative Rock-Folk band “Morosity”.  Jesses’ currently living the small town life in Somewheresville, Wisconsin, where he owns/operates a small business and home recording studio. You can find out more information about Jesse and Morosity at