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When you’re writing a guest post on another curator’s playlist, you’d better bloody not bury the lede! That this spectacular track comes with an amazing video just puts it over the top - stop what you’re doing and take 5 minutes to check it out - trust me - you have the Time!

Of course - that’s the big question isn’t it - do you really have the time? Oh and I don’t mean in some micro - I need to finish this paper ‘cos it’s due tomorrow or, I’d better start braking ‘cos there’s a corner coming - this is the big question - this is macro - this is the - what the hell is it all about question.

And to paraphrase Jesse from Morosity: “Aren’t we all kind of looking for an answer?

The thing is - the more you think about Time - the more it completely does your head in. Do you remember being a kid and having your first cognizance of “forever” - the idea that Time just goes on. And sure - it doesn’t go on for you ‘cos you know that people die - but - if there’s this heaven thing - how does that work - how does it just go on - isn’t it kinda full by now?

And then - what’s the whole deal with Time and gravity - and Space and shit… I watched Interstellar - the idea that Time is relative and moves differently dependent upon gravity - that’s just doesn’t make sense - even if the physicists promises us it does.

It is the perfect track for the Music to Question Existence playlist.


Time.. It's in the stars above
Time...The past and what's to come
Time...Exists infinity
Time...An astral fantasy

Spinning round like hands
falling down the sand
you see the signs

Wondering if it ends
Whats the master plan
It's Time Divine

Time - It's an illusion state
Time - Lack of conclusion day
Time - Controlling destiny
Time - There's no conspiracy

The more I seek the less I find
I can not see all Spectrum of light
Perception finite

Guest curated by Andrew McCluskey

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