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Picking up where we left off from last week’s ethereal themed tune that was The Black Angels "Life Song," this week we have "Solaris" by the 90's Alt. Rock band Failure.  Crafted by the band after seeing the 1972 Soviet "Psy-Fi" film by Andrei Tarkovsky aptly titled "Solaris".

Failure takes you on a hairy, white-knuckled escape pod ride that travels through the complex world of conciseness.

Combining a classic gritty, grunge sound of the 90's with velvet soft waves of desperation, the song will take you from floating a relaxing meditative surf to straight jacketed and bouncing off the padded walls of an asylum.

“I've been freezing my time
I've been slowing my breath
I've been saving my soul
I want you to freeze to
Are you haunting me again?
Are you thawing out my head?
I want you to get out...

I'm on an ocean that has a brain and makes us dream
I'm on a mission to wipe imagination clean
You grow inside me dying time and time again
I'm on a mission to escape from what my life has been
Without you

I've been hiding in snow
I've been treading on ghosts
Are you haunting me again?
Are you burning up my head?
I will never solve algebra of need
Any thought just might turn to flesh and drag me back to life”

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About The Curator - Jesse Albrecht

A lover of “dark” art. Graphic artist by day, musician at heart. Co-founder, Front-man, guitarist for the Alternative Rock-Folk band “Morosity”.  Jesses’ currently living the small town life in Somewheresville, Wisconsin, where he owns/operates a small business and home recording studio. You can find out more information about Jesse and Morosity at