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This week’s pick to question existence is he well placed closing track on the 2013 album “Vertikal”.  “Passing Through” by Cult of Luna. The simple, yet very effective lyrics combined with a playful xylophone and a droning guitar riff that leaves you in a comfortably black, trance like state.

Cult of Luna, hailing from the bay city Umeå, Sweden, also home to the metal giant “Meshuggah”and hardcore band Refused, bring a unique and exceptionally dark style of progressive dark metalcore to the table. I really took to this track more than any their others, as it’s much more laid back vocal style, a departure from their usual screaming vocals. I hope you enjoy the track and find some solace in knowing you’re not the only one feeling that life is passing you by.

As usual, I leave you with the lyrics.

All is quiet empty streets
All is quiet the city sleeps
Close my eyes
On my knees
And time is passing me by
Time is passing me by

I can't move can't turn back
Out of reach my heart is black
My silent shout
Won't set me free
And time is passing me by

Time is passing me by
Time is passing me by

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