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Music to Question Existence
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Taken from the quintessential existentialist 2004 film “I Heart Huckabees”, which was ever so charmingly scored by Mr. Brion himself. This playful ditty pokes fun at the exhausting, never-ending quest for the meaning of existence.

 “But if you wanna spend the day, 
Wondering what it's all about
Go and knock yourself out”

I’ve always admired artists who have the ability to take a heavy or dark subject and put it on its head in such an endearing, lighthearted, whimsical fashion. Jon Brion may be musically what Wes Anderson is to film, charming and sweet, yet undeniably sinister. Or maybe that’s just how I perceive it.

While Jon doesn’t have much of an internet presence, you can find his work in popular films such as; Lady Bird (2017), ParaNorman (2012), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Punch Drunk Love (2002), and of course “I Heart Huckabee’s” (2004) to name a few. Beyond his own solo project works, he’s also written and produced albums with major artists; Fiona Apple, Amiee Mann, Kanye West, etc…

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About The Curator - Jesse Albrecht

A lover of “dark” art. Graphic artist by day, musician at heart. Co-founder, Front-man, guitarist for the Alternative Rock-Folk band “Morosity”.  Jesses’ currently living the small town life in Somewheresville, Wisconsin, where he owns/operates a small business and home recording studio. You can find out more information about Jesse and Morosity at