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So, you’ve probably never heard of Echobrain, right? Well, if you are/were ever a fan of Metallica, you probably should have. Not for the reason of sounding even the slightest bit like them, but because Jason Newsted was the original bassist, and… his involvement in Echobrian MAY be the reason he left/was forced out of Metallica. Newsted’s fame is beside the point, he’s more a lure to bring you to the boat, than the catch.  In fact, J.N. has a lot less to do with the bass-line, as he “left” the band after the first album, only receiving producing credits on Echobrain’s second album “Glean”, where you’ll find the song of the week “Heroic Dose”, a term coined by the late, psychonaut, Terrence McKenna.

The two original members/creators of the band, vocalist Dylan Donkin, and drummer Brian Sagrafena are the only 2 members that appeared on both E.B.’s albums (Self-Titled “Echobrain” 2002, “Glean” 2004) a handful of other notable contributors, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Jim Martin (Faith No More), and Dylan Donkin’s brother, Adam Donkin, replacing Newsted on the bass for the “Glean” album. There’s not a ton of info out there on the band, which is quite surprising considering Newsted’s presence and the extremely well-written music.

If you think you’d enjoy jams with a dreamy beach vibe, mixed with a semi-pop-psychedelic-rock. Check these dudes out.

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