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If we're going to talk about great songs I have to start of with my personal favorite song Toro Y Moi - You Hid. First of all, distorted guitars... hell yeah. Being surprised by those two chords whenever this song randomly plays is a small blessing. This song makes me feel grounded

Causers of this is a staple EP in the chillwave genre which lasted an astonishing four years (2010-2013) and I highly recommend you check out the whole thing if your a fan of Toro Y Moi or electronic music in general.

You hid is a story about unrequited love, insecurity and loneliness. Chadwick Bundick (Toro Y Moi) enjoys the time he spends with the girl he's secretly in love with, but can't help but feel like he's not the right guy for her. Thinking "I know there's someone better for you" and about not wanting to be around when she "Goes away". By the way the song ends we can assume Chadwick never confesses his love out of fear or rejection and the girl eventually moves on. A lesson most young guys learn the hard way. If you like someone for the love of god TELL THEM! The worst thing they can do is say no, and you get the added benefit of not wasting your life being stuck in limbo. Anyways this isn't a relationship blog, it's an indie music blog. So let's move on to the next song!

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