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Ok I'm going to call this one my favorite song as well even though the first one technically is my favorite song, I just can't help myself. Abhi Dijon's twelve is a sexy R&B cut that I can only describe as cute and I mean that in the most endearing way possible. With Abhi handling most of the production and Dijon on vocals this duo is unmatched. Delivering groovy future rnb breaks time and time again.

Twelve is a song about "linking up" and all the anxiety and anxiousness that comes with meeting that special someone for the first few times. Even setting the time and place to meet up can seem like a huge milestone when it's someone your infatuated with. And with lyrics like "I ain't gonna sit around here, like I don't wanna...with you" leaves plenty of room for the imagination. Although it's quite obvious what Dijon is alluding to. He wants to get it on, cause this is an R&B song dammit. That's what's supposed to happen.

On a more serious note Abhi//Dijon's first self released EP "2014" is a instant classic in the underground world of future bass. Be sure to check out the whole project I'm sure you'll find more reasons to love about this duo.

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