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If you’ve somehow managed to avoid Childish Gamino’s Redbone until now I have a trophy ready for you to pick up at your earliest convenience. It swept the nation and hooked millions of listeners with its smooth bass lines and soaring falsetto. But I have an unpopular opinion incoming. Redbone is not the best song on this album. Most popular, yes. But the best song has to go to terrified. Now before the gambino stans kill me just listen. It has all your favorite elements of redbone. Smooth bass lines and soaring falsettos occur on this song too. I just think this song was executed better. I don’t want to start any trouble. I’d actually like to hop on the Childish Gambino bandwagon if you’d have me. Just let me have my opinion in peace.

If you haven’t listened to Childish Gambino’s latest album your bullying your ears. Donald Glover blends 70’s P-Funk and Soul with a modern twist. You could play this next to any major soul album of the 70’s and it’ll fit right in. A huge change stylistically from anything he’s ever done, Awaken My Love was a huge haymaker to anyone who ever tried to put him in a box.

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