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Choker is back for his second EP Honeybloom and I couldn’t be happier. Seemingly out of nowhere he dropped this project with little to no promotion. Not one for social media, only sporting a Twitter account that tweets about twice a year. Choker mysteriously crept back onto the scene with a cryptic tweet stating that his new project was out now. He’s the type of artist who communicates through music only. And he has every right to because Honeybloom is amazing from start to finish.

Starfruit LA is one of the lead singles on the new project and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve had choker as my favorite new artist since the first EP and I’d bet everything in my bank account that he’ll be a star one day. I have that much faith in him. I urge you give this song a try and if you enjoy it, give the whole project a listen. Something about his music connects with me on a spiritual level and he 100% gets my stamp of approval. Wether you’ve never trusted my taste before or your a follower of the playlist, trust me. Choker is the one, you might want to hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late.

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