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Let’s talk about Steve Lacy. California native, guitarist for the the Grammy nominated band the internet and now solo sensation. After honing his skills working on the Internet album Ego Death He dropped his first solo EP Steve Lacy’s Demo.

The album is really impressive as he shows off his vocal range and catchy guitar riffs. And when you consider that he recorded his entire EP on a GarageBand app on his phone you can’t help but to be impressed.

At six songs deep the EP isn’t lengthy but it very concise. Steve really takes the DIY minimalistic approach to a whole new level. Showing that you don’t need much to make a hit record as long as you have the talent. I’m expecting for Steve Lacy to become even more of a household name in 2018. When his first official album drops sometime this year prepare to see him all over. The guy has an undeniable presence to him. The sky is the limit for Steve Lacy.


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