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The UK is is stacked with musical talent. So much so that I believe they have America beat in almost every genre. The next wave of great young artists will be mostly be from the UK. I could go down the list but I want to save some of these artists for future posts.

First off Maths Time Joy, an amazing UK producer laid the foundation with this jazzy boom bap instrumental. It’s a tune that could keep you interested without the vocals. Which is exactly why this song is so great. Mahalia shines on this record with her neo soul inspired vocals. When you add her amazing songwriting in the mix you have a guaranteed hit. It’s so easy to get overshadowed by the instrumentation in this day and age but not Mahalia. Do you know why? Because she’s from the UK! There has to be something in the water over there because I keep discovering new talent and I’m continuously blown away. Until I’m able to visit I’m gonna keep listening for new jams and practicing my British accent. Stay tuned ;)

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