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Are you feeling sad? Is today Saturday? If so I have the perfect song for you! This song will instantly bring up all your repressed memories about life, love and heartbreak so be prepared to get all introspective and cry a little. Also I’ve done some research and I’ve found out this song will make you sad on any day not just Saturday, isn’t that awesome? Anyways whenever I’m felling down I put this song on and let it all out because it’s the healthy thing to do. This song belongs in your self loathing playlist if it isn’t already and I’m happy to share it with you all today.

JOBA is a member of the boyband Brockhampton who over these past three years has amassed a huge cult following. 

What makes them work is their huge collection of equally talented artists who are able to shine just as well alone as they do together. I actually didn’t know this was the same JOBA from brockhampton until recently. Which only further proves his genre shifting abilities. If you like this your be surprised to hear is other contributions to the group which I’m sure will blow you away as well.

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