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You feel it as soon as the song starts. Warm, heavy and ambient the instrumental draws you in before she even begins to sing, and when she does you understand. The combination of the amazing production of Galimatias and the soft voice of Alina Baraz is unmatched by any collaborative effort I've heard between a vocalist and producer in a long time.

The duo dropped their first EP Urban Flora in 2015 and from then on they became inescapable. With 8 songs at 31 minutes long it's almost perfect. There's no song worth skipping and before you know it it's over leaving you wanting more. They are both currently working on solo projects at the moment but everyone's waiting on the day they get back together and bring us more amazing music.

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Johnathan Fludd is like any other college student. Wide eyed and trying to find his place in the world. It can be the most stressful part of your life if you let it. Thankfully for him his love of music has kept him sane during these stressful times. He's an artist, a producer and newfound journalist just trying to share his love of music with the world.