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If anyone was around for the Spooky Black era you’ve see how far this kid has come. He went viral with his hit song Without You at 16 years old. At the time we haven’t seen a kid look like him and sing like that in a while. He was our special little gem. Unfortunately he disappeared not too long after that. Leaving us with a few loose singles and a collaboration tape to hold us over. Three years later he’s ditched the durag gimmick changed to his birth name and is back darker and sadder then ever with his debut album mourn.

Mourn is Corbin doing what he does best. Making deeply painful breakup songs that make you simultaneously want to cry yourself to sleep and throw a brick through a window. The lyrics are dark. Often referencing suicide and the loneliness of feeling of empty inside.

The downtempo production fits the lyrics perfectly like a glove. Nobody does sad like Corbin. And although the spooky black era may be dead. He’ll always be our special little gem. Just a more mature version of himself. And I have a feeling we won’t have to wait 3 years for his next album.

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