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Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust combine as Soft Hair to release their self titled EP. Once mortal enemies after both Connan and Sam’s bands were accused of stealing a very expensive fiberglass pig from a mansion party they both were booked to perform at. Fights ensued and it was later found out that Connan’s bassist was the culprit and he was fired on the spot. 

After touring a bit more together Sam and Connan began to build a relationship and that’s when they began to work on the Soft Hair EP. What happens when two great artists are locked in a room for months at a time? Magic, that’s what! Their lead single “Lying Has To Stop” is a groovy slow burner that is sure to make you dance around your house. And the video is as weird as it gets so watch at your own discretion. Connan Mockasin and San Dust delivers exactly what you’d expect. Pure psychedelic goodness.

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