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Kaytranada's At All was my first introduction to the future bass genre and the first time a genuinely enjoyed house music. This song singlehandedly made Kaytranada a cult favorite and a one of the OG's of the future bass genre. Everyone wanted to be Kaytra, everyone had a house song but nobody had that Kaytranada flair. His swing and basslines were unmatched and those classic Kaytra synths couldn't be replicated. 

If it sounds like I'm making a big deal about this guy it's because he is a big deal. He's a worldwide superstar whose reach stems way past the genre of future bass. He's already worked with some for your favorite mainstream artists. Like Chance the rapper, Vic Mensa, Kendrick Lamar, The internet, Anderson Paak and little dragon. I'm not even going to talk about this song because I spent too much time ranting about Kaytranada's influence. The song is good, you'll hear it played 100 times if your in the right spots. The song is good. I’m not biased. Kaytranada is the best. 

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