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This song right here is a classic in the chillwave sub genre. Everyone's heard it, you just missed it. When this song dropped in 2012 Marcell Everett went from bedroom producer to underground star. You know a song is popular when mainstream artists start to sample your song. Sza, Ty dolla sign and Trinidad James as well as lesser known acts such as Doja Cat and Alina Baraz have used this gem. My point is that the song is a pretty big deal.

With a sample of Beyonce's end of time and a reversed vocal track fresh out of a sock FL Studio demo song. 16 year old Marcell Everett proved that you can do a lot with a little if your creative enough. We also have to take the video into account. What's more aesthetically pleasing than hot girls French inhaling what we can only assume to be marijuana in slow motion? Nothing, that's what. We're talking about 2012 here. This song instantly became the 420 smoke it song of the year and the YouTube comments slowly went from how great the song is to "bro I'm so high omg". Nevertheless it's still a classic song. No matter how polarizing the YouTube comments are now.

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