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Mindfulness of the mind. 

Mental health and mental healing - all the rave for a select few compared to the majority of people. The people who talk about it, live and swear by it. While those who turn away either have no idea how to start, are even aware that they need healing, or are so afraid of opening that door that they drown out that inner voice with everything and anything. 

Journeying deep into your subconscious, taking an honest look at yourself, to heal, to move past the shitty situation that happened to you, to take control of your self-destructive habits, to bring forth negative energy you didn’t even know was there - it takes courage, energy, time, perseverance. At times you feel lost in the flood that are the rolling tides of emotion, wondering if you’re even stumbling in the right direction. Then one day - be it a month, 6 months, a year, a decade, it hits you. Everything becomes clearer and the path beings to open and illuminate. You know the journey isn’t over but you’re well aware you’re on the right path. 

Sounds hard and scary right? Well good. This isn’t something that one takes lightly nor goes half-assed into. Fundamental shifts of life need to happen for you to overcome. 

I often alluded to this all-encompassing theme throughout my classes. Yoga practices and studies go hand in hand with this idea: beginning anew and shedding the ways of the old. 

“Ghost Pong” by Emancipator offers a delightfully eerie resonance that permeates your deep subconscious. A constant violin spiraling inward, piercing the very essence of who you are. Shattering these pre-set expectations you have set for yourself and allowing your highest self to draw out the core of your being. And just when you get lost in the rhythm, the melody naturally fades into the background allowing you to marinate in your truest inner state. With no distractions, no escape...just you with yourself. And once you find your bliss - the violin picks right back up where it left off, reminding you that there is never an ending to your journey towards bliss and enlightenment. 

Let this track be the journey inward you didn’t even know you needed and give yourself the permission to be set free. 

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About The Curator - Cam Bigelow

Cam Bigelow - Music to Curator

Cam is a music and yoga fanatic where he spent the last few years honing his skills and passion in the heart of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. He composes his classes based upon what feels best in his body and adds a little “flair” in which he draws from seasoned yoga instructors around the Boulder area. He is always on the hunt for the next song that will “wow” his students and will take his class to the next level. When not obsessing over his playlist for the 12th time or teaching on his mat, you can find Cam exploring all the nature Boulder has to offer, jamming out on his ukulele, and perfecting his bacon-wrapped scallop dinner.

Raised in Orange County, California and residing in Boulder for the last eight years, Cam is shaking up his life by moving to San Francisco in the next few months. For more information about Cam’s yoga practice, check out his website and Instagram @cambyoga.