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Generally speaking, a yoga class tends has a single theme: Self love, gratitude, remaining present, acceptance, letting. Whatever it is, the theme is constantly tied and woven throughout class. The instructor gives either givers very direct cues, shares a mantra, a saying that they hold close to their heart, or maybe through their music selection. 

In my classes I have been offering up the theme of rebirth. Too often we cling onto our past - mistakes, heartaches, expectations of where we should be versus where we actually are. And we let those past experiences shape our present that ultimately decides our fate for the future. I love to challenge my students to begin a new, to live their lives without expectations without the heavy baggage that is their history.

New beginnings can be hard; dramatic thematic shifts in life can be even harder, and appear insurmountable. During my class I love having what I call a "shifting point." A clear point that leads you from the middle of the class towards the end. Shifting from the surface level flow to digging honestly deep within - both physically and mentally And while I still weave the theme back in, I change the tone of if through the songs I select.

That's exactly where this next piece comes in. "Folds" by both Feverkin and Koresma offers a familiar, yet not so subtle difference compared to the other tracks on this playlist. Wordless yet with a strong message, a simple progression yet one that exposes the complexities of your historical patterns, a powerful violin that shows you the light you need to see right now - Folds has it all.This track provides a tonal shift that many of us go through in our lives. Shedding the layers of the past, breaking down to expose the deepest parts of your core, peeling away at the "self" we managed to build from bits and pieces of the influences around us, all vital yet exceedingly difficult.

I invited you to marinate in this track. Let this be your internal shift to your next chapter.

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About The Curator - Cam Bigelow

Cam Bigelow - Music to Curator

Cam is a music and yoga fanatic where he spent the last few years honing his skills and passion in the heart of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. He composes his classes based upon what feels best in his body and adds a little “flair” in which he draws from seasoned yoga instructors around the Boulder area. He is always on the hunt for the next song that will “wow” his students and will take his class to the next level. When not obsessing over his playlist for the 12th time or teaching on his mat, you can find Cam exploring all the nature Boulder has to offer, jamming out on his ukulele, and perfecting his bacon-wrapped scallop dinner.

Raised in Orange County, California and residing in Boulder for the last eight years, Cam is shaking up his life by moving to San Francisco in the next few months. For more information about Cam’s yoga practice, check out his website and Instagram @cambyoga.